Father of the Bride Speech

You see yourself in a church, your little girl is right next to you as you take small, but confidant steps toward the alter. You look around the room, and you notice flowers and decorations. You look ahead and you see a man, an ear to ear grin plastered on his face. Then, you arrive at the alter, and your little girl steps forward as she is greeted by the man with the smile on his face, her dress glistening and her smile wide. You are the father of the bride who is walking the bride down the aisle on her wedding day. Weddings are an emotional time for everyone; the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids, the family and pretty much everyone else. However for the father, a wedding is the most emotional, and honestly, dreaded time for him because he is giving away his little girl. The father of the bride usually must prepare a good speech for the receptions, but sometimes it is difficult to do, and sometimes fathers have difficult time preparing the speech. That’s why I decided help out by writing some tips of what you should include in your speech.
Tip number one, don’t recite your speak while you are drunk. Some fathers of the brides ruin the mood of the wedding by getting drunk and saying the stupidest things while they recite the speech. Your speech should not embarrass the bride or say hurtful things in it. Remember, when you have too much to drink prior to reciting your speech, you can end up saying things that you don’t mean.
Tip number two, thank everyone for coming: Your speech should thank the guests for coming because it shows that you are courteous and it is customary speech etiquette. Make sure to express your admiring to the guests and how you appreciate them for coming to witness such a momentous day for your daughter.
Tip number three; express your love for the bride: You should always say mushy lovey-dovey things about your daughter; it is her long awaited special day after all. Tell a story about when she was younger; something that will make you and the whole room teary eyed. Tell your daughter how lovely she is and how beautiful she looks. Tell her what a good daughter she is and what a great wife she will be: the point of the speech is to make the bride feel warm and fuzzy and wish the couple a happy future.
Tip number four, crack a joke: All formalities aside, the father of the bride speech should have a little humor to make it more interesting. Try to add light humor and steer clear of any crass jokes or any uncomfortable digs that will make everyone feel awkward. Remember, always be respectful toward the bride and groom when you tell a joke; jokes should be funny not make the whole room feel uncomfortable.
Tip number five, wish the bride and groom a happy life and long marriage: At this point, you can give some words of encouragement to the couple, and you should express your approval for the groom.
Tip number six, propose a toast: Once you speech is over, you should raise your glass and propose a toast and wish the bride and groom a happy future.

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